Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beautiful Surprise

Love this picture of mother, one of many that I took late nights, days in/out out the hospital while she was being treated for cancer. What I love about her entire journey is that, she didn’t give up and just kept on fighting. So thankful to all those who sent their kind words, donated their monies to our team; Magnificent Malaysone with Light The Night and those who sent me a text, emailed me, called me up just to ask how I’m doing.

My family and I would like to thank you all for the support! There were times where all I wanted to do was cry because it was out of my control but chose to smile through it all instead. I had to make her priority and put my personal life on hold and build what I thought would be a shield. While finding out about her cancer, getting the necessaries information that I needed to understand all of that I was in love or thought it. But that love didn't last and it left me with a broken heart. Having put my emotions aside its now hitting me and I'm not liking how I feel. I'm thankful my mother is healed and now it’s my turn.