Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'll Be Your Song, Play Me All Night Long

Dear Song,

we haven’t spoke in a while, but I am taking this opportunity to write you a letter. I can’t help but to express my concern with the way things are turning out. you aren’t who I thought you’d be. Please don’t think that I am disappointed in you I just need you to listen.

I remember when you were growing up and you were so sad, you didn’t have many friends, your parents were always fighting, you were getting made fun of by bullies and being tormented by family members. You swore then that you were going to be someone, not to show everyone anything but so that you would never have to be sad again.

Your life had lead you down may roads, you’ve come across many people some good, some bad all leaving an impression on you but your core has never changed. You were always an artist. when things were adverse you wrapped up into yourself and created people that you could be around and worlds that lacked the bad things going on around you. You were able to fight back with your pencil and in turn make people smile and remember the beauty in life. It brought you closer to strangers, gave you a common bond with other artists and dazzled people on your talent. You didn’t have to speak or validate yourself, you just let your art speak for you.

Somewhere down the road between lazy and comfortable, between hurt and karma, you’ve lost it. It’s your light. If you don’t have that light then you needn’t exist. The ease of the execution has been lost on fast masterpieces of digital text and color gradients. It however isn’t fully gone.

As you’ve gotten older, you’ve started saying “why should I? what’s this for?” which was much different than what you used to say ” why can’t i? just because.” You’ve let your pursuit of love or something like it’s vampiric mission drain you of your energy and leave just enough to do it all over again. You didn’t need anything or anyone to be there - no models, no gigalos, no profiles, and default picture’s quicksand time management lessons.

you’re about as lonely as what you surround yourself with - you used to prefer the people you made up over the people you were forced to be around. And while your circle is cleaned and your back to basics like never before, you need to realize that your age & surrounding isn’t a hinderance but more direction more clarity of what you need.

You are one of the few people that can entertain themselves with everything that you’ve already got, you don’t need anyone else to help you or do it for you. But that life that you always dreamed of having is slipping away and you’ll be left with nothing and no one. And it will be your own fucking fault. Why would you choose to be no one special when it’s so clear that you are someone important - if not only to yourself. Seriously.

sincerely with all the love in the world.